Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What will I need to bring?

A) We provide all the equipment you'll need including Olympic style recurve bows, arrows, arm-guards, quivers and of course the targets to shoot at!

Q) Should I wear anything special?

A) If you're comfortable then that's fine. However, if its chilly our advice would be to wear several thin, snug layers rather than one bulky one as that way you're less likely to catch the string and spoil your shot. One safety tip, wear shoes which completely cover the foot.

Q) I've never shot before, will I be able to manage?

A) We've introduced hundreds (maybe thousands!) of people to this fabulous sport. With highly qualified and experienced coaches, whatever your level of experience we'll have you hitting the target in no time.

Q) My youngster is desperate to try archery. Do you have a lower age limit?

A) At Peacock Archery we have specialist equipment which means we can bring archery to young people from age 5+ so long as they are able to listen carefully and follow simple instructions.

Q) What about beginners courses? What age can youngsters start?  

A) Young people develop and mature at different rates. Our experience tells us that most young people will be ready to take a beginners course from age 9. Younger than that we would recommend one of our archery experience events specifically designed for that age group.

Q) I'm disabled, will I still be able to take part?

A) More than any other, archery is a sport open to everyone whatever their abilities. We have the skills and experience to enable you to participate, just contact us for more information and to discuss your needs in confidence.

Q) I've seen courses advertising "learn to shoot in a weekend". Is this something you offer?

A) We won't compromise on quality and closely follow Archery GB's own guidelines on teaching beginners. To turn out a confident novice archer takes at least ten hours coaching which is why our 'fast-track' beginners course still takes ten hours, which we spread over two weekends to allow time for your new skills to 'bed in'.